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I suppose that Murron being off school sick today was a blessing in disguise.

After sitting at the computer all morning looking into Camps International and fundraising ideas and thinking about Murron, I came to the conclusion that as much as I want Murron to go on the expedition to Bornea, I feel that she doesn’t fully appreciate what would be involved in trying to come up with funding for it.
At the very least we would cobble together the £400 deposit and then she would lose interest when the novelty wears off and give up.
By then it would be too late and we would have lost the money.
We can’t afford to lose £50 let alone £400.
I also felt that, particularly with the CoPE Level 3 qualification, she is just a bit too young.
She hasn’t even really got into her GCSE’s yet so she has no idea how to put together a portfolio for that kind of qualification.

Talking to her today I don’t think that ‘Mentally’ she had excepted what would be involved.
When I suggested her giving up her summer spending she replied with ‘but not all of it right?’
When I suggested her giving up her allocated birthday spending she replied with ‘but not all of it right?’
When I suggested that If she got a job in October all of her wages could go into the Borneo pot she replied with ‘but not all of it right?’
So her heart really wasn’t into it.

After a long heart to heart chat with her this afternoon we came to the conclusion that maybe she should put the trip on hold for now.
Concentrate on her exams next year and if she’s still interested she can do a Camps International Expedition as a Gap Year project.
To soften the blow, we have said that she can invest whatever money she can get together into a Moped.
Nan has said she will help with that one.
So Murron is happy again. She wasn’t as crushed as I thought she’d be. In fact I think I was more crushed for her!!

Anyway. We’ve got the information so there’s nothing to stop her doing it when she’s a little older.
Right, better go and get her and her little sister from St John’s headquarters and then settle down for the night.
I have a 5 hour shift to do at work tomorrow and then the weekend off.

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