General diary entries


Up and about bright and early this morning.
I’ve just finished blogging a bit of a rant that’s been boiling away for the last week.
Dharma has already left for school and Murron and Marjorie are on a late start this morning but they are up and getting ready.
Ian is still in bed.

Anyway, my foot is actually quite comfortable today with very little swelling.
I’m still pretty heavily doped up though so I’m not surprised.
Let’s see if it lasts.

It’s going to be a quiet day today.
I have a small trip to Tesco to do to get some ingredients that Marjorie needs for a cooking lesson tomorrow and I need to throw a quick curry together for dinner but that’s it.
The day is mine to do as I wish.

Think I may go for a stroll down the Marina and see how the foot is at the end of it.

Categories: General diary entries

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