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There may be one or two small Man of Steel spoilers so read on at your peril if you haven’t seen it yet.


The next person who likens the ‘New Superman’ to Christopher Reeve is seriously going to get a punch!!
Wake up, smell the roses, this is the 21st century.

Yes, Christopher Reeve was an awesome Superman and will forever ‘be’ Superman, both on film and in life, but you now need to move on.
The last attempt at making a Superman movie failed because it was more of a homage to Christopher Reeve and not an attempt to create a new Superman.

Man of Steel is as far away from the look and feel of the Chris Reeve movies as it can possibly get.
I get very angry when people complain that ‘it’s nothing like the Superman I remember’ or complain about the liberties that have been taken with the costume or indeed the Superman Mythos itself.


It’s a complete re-boot of the franchise.
The first thing that had to go was the camp costume.
Only a 2 year old wears their underwear on the outside anymore.
This new costume hints at the old colours but is more of an armour and personally I think it’s ‘really hot!!’

The film needed to start from the beginning and tell the Superman story as it started.
Let’s face it, he came from a dying planet at war. Not exactly a smiles and rainbows story.
He grows up knowing he’s different and struggles to come to terms with ‘who’ he actually is.
He’s spends most of his life trying to hide from the truth.
Not a happy state of affairs. It needed to be darker.

Finally, the one sticking point with most fans was the fact that Lois was so stupid she couldn’t recognise a 6’4 man with dark hair and blue eyes when he simply put a pair of glasses on!
The new Lois is a tenacious reporter and highly intelligent. That was never going to fly.
So by ending the film with the twist that she actually knows his identity is actually going to make the next movie very interesting.

The only problem is that if people can’t get past the Christopher Reeve movies…. AGAIN….. then there will never be another Superman movie.
They need to be more open minded to the changes and give this franchise a go.
It’s still Superman.
The main points and most important points to his story are still there.
The only difference is that someone has finally drawn a line under Chris Reeve and has been brave enough to re-envision Superman.

If it fails this time I truly believe, that will be the end of the franchise.

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