General diary entries


Well three months has gone surprisingly quickly.
It only seems like only yesterday I was a prisoner in my own bedroom for two weeks right after surgery.
The following few weeks I was spoilt and completely pain free for the first time in about four years!!
Unfortuantely, since the cast has been off I’ve been a bit disillusioned with the speed of recovery.
I’m still on really strong pain relief, although it’s a different kind of pain than I had pre-surgery.
It’s still a pain coming down stairs with my bad foot first.
I still can’t walk with any speed.
After the first couple of hours of the day I still have a bit of a hobble and quite a bit of swelling.
I’m hoping I have just been a bit too impatient and that the recovery period is a lot longer than I had anticipated.

Anyway, Occupational Health have tentatively said I can start work again tomorrow.
Don’t know if that’s a WHOO HOO 🙂 or possibly a BOOOO 😦
It actually feels like I’m starting a new job again!! I’m actually quite nervous.
It’s stupid, I’ve worked there for over 5 years!

Anyway, I will be Ward Clerking for the foreseeable future which means I won’t be on my feet to the extent that I would be as a Health Care Assistant.
This will be for at least three weeks, possibly a bit longer depending on how my foot is.
I’m getting there slowly.

So, it’s time for a new start.
I’ve already made a start by reducing my Milky coffee to just one a day. Would I miss it if I cut it out completely?
I’ve reduced my alcohol intake, OK it’s been forced on me recently because of some of the pills I’m on but to be honest, I haven’t really missed it.
Our menu at home has been really tweaked to reduce the amount of meat and to increase salads and vegetables and that has been going down surprisingly well.
So it is now time to up the level.
I have to stop the snacking that I’ve become too used to over the last few weeks and I have got to start exercising again.
So I am going to attempt a stroll around the marina one day this week to see how the foot handles it.

I have a family wedding to go to next year and I would like to look stunning instead of frumpy for a change.
Losing weight is also going to help my foot and my health in general.

I have made a start on my new image by deciding to grow my hair again.
I have reached the danger point where it now has a mind of it’s own and the thought of cutting it crosses my mind daily.
I ‘have’ to style it to keep it under control and after another three or four weeks of growth the curls are going to start fighting back!!
I predict another 2 months max before I have to start wearing Alice bands for work.

Right, just a quick trip to Tesco to get the salad for the day and then I’m going to relax and enjoy my last few hours as a woman of leisure.

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