General diary entries

D Day

OK, I’m up, I’m dressed, I’m off to Occupational Health at 08:20.
Don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to be told it’s time to get back to work!!

I know, I know, it must be done.
It’s just that I’ve really enjoyed being a stay home Mum and being there for the kids ‘all’ the time.

I do have my doubts though.
I’m concerned that I still have quite a bit of swelling in my whole foot.
I’m more than a little concerned about a stabbing pain in my ankle.
It does seem to have eased off over the last two weeks but I am very conscious of the fact that it is still there and could stab at any time.
Walking at any kind of pace is not viable yet but strolling is OK.
Being at home I get to rest quite regularly so I have no idea what going back to work and being on my feet for longer and longer periods of time will be like.
I’m hoping that the whole recovery process is a lot longer than I thought it would be and that by August I will be marching around the Marina again.
That’s the plan anyway.

So today it’s Occupational Health and depending on the outcome of that and their advice it will be a trip to the ward to have a chat with the manager.
At the very least, I can get the ball rolling and get my computer access reset because my password expired over 2 months ago!!

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