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I have been reminiscing over the last couple of days and taking a look through the 6 years of blogs I had under my belt before I was forced to move to WordPress when my old blog site closed down.
I started blogging all the way back in July 2004 although it was a little hit and miss as to when I blogged.
Until mid 2006 all my blogs were titled ‘The Days Roundup’ and they were literally a diary of my pretty mundane life.
Then there was a turning point.
I started to actually individually title my blogs and my obsessions started to creep into the mix.

I’ve been having quite a laugh at what I used to obsess about but I have just discovered this blog from June 2007 that brought some amazing memories back.



I mentioned in my last post about a fan campaign to save a TV series called Jericho.
I just had to go and check it all out and was amazed at the military style way the CBS was hit by such a creative campaign.
To understand it all you have to have some knowledge of the final episode of season 1.

One of the main characters played by Skeet Ulrich remembers a story his grandfather once told him about a General in WWII called General McAuliffe, who when faced with a message from the Germans was under the impression that they wanted to surrender to us but was quickly put right and told that they actually expected ‘him’ to surrender to them.
When McAuliffe heard that he laughed and said: “Us surrender? Aw, nuts!”

In the finale to the season when asked for the towns surrender Skeet Ulrich simply replies. ‘Nuts!’
So when the show was cancelled some bright spark on the Jericho forum came up with the slogan ‘nuts to CBS’ for cancelling the show.
Outrage on the forum turned into a letter writing campaign that suddenly turned into a bombardment of CBS at their New York and LA offices……but not with letters!
No no no, the fans were a little more creative and started sending peanuts.
They got organized and started pooling their money on a site called
This company started sending truck loads of peanuts to CBS on a daily basis along with letters of support for the show.

We’re not just talking a few bags of fan mail here, we’re talking serious amounts of ‘Nuts to CBS’
To date they have had a grand total of over 20 tons delivered…..yes you did read that right.

20 TONS!!!!!

The one day record stands at 10,000 pounds that hit CBS on the 29th May.

The campaign was swift and decisive and successful.
CBS have commissioned 7 new episodes as a mid season replacement next year but stated that continuation of the show past the next 7 episodes depends highly on upping the viewing figures.
Judging by the way this campaign has gone, the buzz on the internet and after the re-runs of the first season starts in July I think Jericho will be very safe for a good few years to come.

At least I hope so because if the show gets canned again I dread to think what will end up being sent to CBS.

To witness the internet buzz for yourself just Google the words ‘Jericho’ ‘fans’ and ‘nuts’ together and see what you get!

This was a brilliant campaign that ‘almost’ worked.
The show did get it’s second season but was hit badly by the following years writers strike and never made it to a third season.
Two endings to the show were made for the second season.
One would mean they could carry the story on into a third season and the other one finished the show by giving it a conclusion so at least we weren’t left hanging like a lot of other shows.
It is such a shame they didn’t make it any further.
Jericho was one of the best shows of the last decade.
If you haven’t seen it, find it and watch it.
You won’t be disappointed.

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