General diary entries


This morning I jet washed the car!
I then vacuumed it and polished the windows.
My baby is looking sparkling.

Then I had a break.
I had to get Murron into town to pick up her new glasses after school and I didn’t want to push things.
It’s not been a good day today with the foot.
It was swollen when I woke up and has just been getting progressively worse throughout the day.

I’m still on the pain killers.
I did try and reduce them a little yesterday but I suffered a bit.
That could be why the foot is swollen today I suppose.

Anyway, I’m seeing Occupational Health tomorrow morning.
Depending on the outcome of that I could very well be starting work again next week.
I won’t be full time straight away and I won’t be doing my usual work.
I will probably be clerking for a little while and build up to a full day back on my feet with my usual work.
I’m going to miss being a stay home Mum.

OK, think I had better get my feet up for the evening.
Just need to pick a film first.
Decisions, decisions.

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