General diary entries


Oh dear, I didn’t realise I could be quite so catty.
Looking back through old blogs from my previous blog site I realised that for the first couple of years of blogging I literally used it as a diary.
Most of the entries were titled ‘The Days Roundup’ with the day’s date.
It was all pretty mundane stuff.
The ramblings of a stay home Mum with kids in school and pre-school.
Occasionally however there were some ‘odd’ entries that were a little bit different.
This next one is no exception.

Back in 2004/2005 one of my obsessions was Ioan Gruffudd.
I had obviously been doing some trawling through photos on a website dedicated to him when I came across some pictures of him and his (at the time) girlfriend, Alice Evans.
She is a very attractive actress who will be well known to Vampire Diaries fans as ‘Esther’ the original’s Mother.
I obviously didn’t like what I saw because I felt the need to blog about it.

I should point out that Ioan and Alice have since married, are still together and have a child.
Whether or not her stylist was sacked I couldn’t say but he/she certainly should have been.

Published: Friday, 22 July 2005

Her stylist should be shot!

After seeing the Fantastic Four last night I decided to do a little catching up on Ioan Gruffudd. (pronounced Yowan Griffith).
I have been a fan ever since his Hornblower days but I have neglected to keep up with what he’s been up to over the last 6 months or so.
Anyway, the best source of info on the net is  and I was having a browse around the galleries to see any recent pictures.
I came across new photos in the Ioan and Alice gallery.
Now let me make something perfectly clear. Alice is a very attractive woman with her own successful career and I wish her and Ioan all the luck in the future……….but…………after taking a look at this set of photos I came to the conclusion that her stylist needs to be shot!!
When she is being casual and obviously dressing for herself she looks amazing and I just wish I looked the same.
Something like this………..


and like this


But what I witnessed next made me shudder just thinking that she could let herself be seen in public like this, even if she did have Ioan hanging off her arm.

Has his mesmerising good looks made her go all mushy in the head? Or has she simply hired a stylist who is so totally jealous of her relationship with Ioan that she…or he….would go to any lengths to break them up?
Now a lot of people are going to think I’m being very catty and jealous about all this but c’mon….would you want to be seen in public looking like………….


or even this!!!


The polka dot pariah just makes her look pregnant and frumpy. If she was going for a retro 60’s look she failed 100% and that trouser outfit is just……just……I’m lost for words it’s so bad!!
It probably wouldn’t have looked so bad if she’d worn a delicate flat slip on flat shoe or even if the trousers had just actually reached her ankles!

These two images are the only ones I could bring myself to show you as there are loads more!!! I know……frightening isn’t it?
Anyway, I apologise sincerely for any distress this entry may cause to Alice or any of her friends and family should they read it.
I am merely expressing my views and welcome a response from anyone whether it’s good or bad or just plain insulting me.


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  1. Hi there, this is Alice Evans. Yes, the one in the awful clothes, the one who is married to Ioan. I understand totally that you have opinions on what looks nice and what doesn’t but I’d just like to say this – ” Maybe Think bfore you post unkind things about people you don’t know. I wouldn’t dream of saying (or even thinking!) a word about the pics I see of you and your family. Never would I want someone to doubt themsleves or read something and feel bad. Hell, I would never want anyone to feel bed for any reason!.

    I’m not saying you are an unkind person – i know nothing about you. But think about it.

    By the way I have no stylist nor have i ever have. Spending thousands of dollars on someone to choose clothes for you has always made me feel very uncomfortable. The clothes I wear are the ones I chose myself and I have to say I realy enjoy choosing them.

    Anyway, no hard feelings, just think beofre you speak. You never know who you miht be hurting and what they may be going through at that time.

    Good luck to you, your blog is lovely

    Alice x

    • I always feel a little wary of responding to comments from ‘celebs’ as you never know if it’s someone pretending to be that ‘celeb’ or not.
      However, in this case, just in case, I felt the need to respond and apologise.

      As you can see from the start of that particular blog, I was actually berating myself for being very catty in the past.
      It doesn’t change the fact that the original post, although opinionated, was actually very mean and could have been worded a little better!!
      Back then, I think a little jealousy was creeping into the writing.
      I’ve never been lucky enough to look like you or have someone as handsome as Ioan want me in that way.

      We do however, share something in common.
      We’ve both found the men in our lives and we are happy.

      Thank you for being so magnanimous with your comment.
      I’m not sure I could have done the same if I were in your shoes.
      I have a tendency to run off at the keyboard and blog before I think.!!

      Good luck in everything you and Ioan do.

      Shelly x

  2. No, it is me. I just love experimenting with different looks and apparently that’s not allowed inHollywood! I appreciate your kind reply and will now subscribe to your blog. I too have two little ones (7 months and 4 years) o I kind of know how you feel! I also have post partum depression and fibromyalgia. Not GREt look when hubby is out of town filming and the little one starts chirping at 6.15am…..

    But listen, feel free to comment on anything i wear – i seriously don’t mind. I won’t do it to you though, it’s just not my thing. But I will continue to follow your blog and I hope we can be friends.

    PS Look out for Ioan in The Rock’s next movie and also the series FOREVER ON ABC. Imight be joining the Vampire Diaries spin off, “THE ORIGINALS, quite soon.

    Much Love

    Alice xxxx

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