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OK, so the next few blogs are going to be re-blogs from an earlier site I used to use.
This site closed down about 4 years ago which is how I found and moved to WordPress.

Ready through my very early blogs I have noticed my format has changed a little but the subject matter is still the same.

My very first blog was short and sweet and summed up what my blogging was going to be about and it hasn’t really changed much.


Published: Friday, 16 July 2004

Hi and welcome to my blog site. This is a very new experience for me so please bare with me whilst I find my feet.

This site will (eventually I hope) be a sort of diary for me, about me and mine. It will encompass my opinions of topics that have caught my attention in the news, reviews of some of the TV shows and films I’ve seen and will be a place to keep old friends and family updated on the health and welfare of my family. I will also use this site to showcase my artwork as and when I finish a piece.

There it is. My first blog. Pretty boring I know but I hope that will change soon. I just have to find my way around this site until I can do what I want to do. Any help or opinions will be gratefully accepted.

So there you are, my very first blog.
Pretty much covers what I still blog about although I eventually had to give up the artwork and exactly four years after starting this blog I was back out working.

One thing I noticed about my early blogs was the format.
I used to do one blog for the day and I would time stamp each entry.
Now I just add a blog as I write it.
A lot of my blogs were titled ‘The Days Roundup’
This entry from July 20th 2004 is a prime example of this.

Published: Tuesday, 20 July 2004

20th July – The days roundup

Thank heavens the kids break up for summer hols tomorrow. I am not a morning person by nature and although I’m not too bad at actually getting up……………getting dressed and actually getting my engine started is a whole other ball game.

Dharma crawled into bed with mummy and daddy again this morning. She has only recently started doing this and it’s a strange experience because neither of my other two kids ever did it.
Ian isn’t at work today and so he will take the kids to school.

I am actually going to venture into Bedford town centre today. I don’t often go there because it is a slowly dying place. If anyone wants to get any serious shopping done around here they go to Milton Keynes.

Our friend who runs a Sci-fi shop used to have premises in Bedford but he was always struggling. Not from lack of customers but from council Bureaucracy. He’s trading again elsewhere and as he put it in a recent e-mail………..’It’s gone quite well with genuine enthusiasm for things we are doing and that enthusiasm has been matched by buying. So much better than the doom and gloom that perpetually surrounds Bedford.

09.30 hours
Kids are at school and now I really must get my arse into gear and get dressed.
We have to get our people carrier (AKA The Truck) over to Ian’s brother. The exhaust is loose and knocking on something and Derek is a mechanic. 3rd time this has happened and now I’m fed up with it. I hate driving it and I want to get rid of it. I much prefer my lovely comfortable Granada Estate. I think we should just get rid of the carrier and get Ian a nice cheap little run around for work. I think Ian is feeling the same way.

14.40 hours
Finally found a nice little pair of sandals. Toe posts though, and I haven’t worn these for years.
Ian took us for lunch and we generally had a wander. Don’t have much of an opportunity to do this much of the time anymore so I made the most of it. Also picked up a few cheap DVD’s.

I have to go and pick Murron up from school soon.

This diary is off to quite a boring start. Not a lot happening at the moment.

18.00 hours
Kids are stuffing their faces. They are all tired and grumpy.
It’s been a really horrible sort of day today.
The air is really thick and hot although there is no sun. I think we are in for one good storm tonight.
It’s going to be impossible to sleep tonight because it’s so clammy.

21.45 hours
The weather still hasn’t broken.
The kids are all in bed.
I’ve been messing around with a new piece of artwork.

I did however, make the mistake of having the TV on while I was working.
I put ‘Wife Swap’ on.
If you are not familiar with the programme, basically…….
The mothers from two very different families agree to swap places for two weeks.
For the first week they live by the real mothers rules and ways of working and for the second week they place their rules on their new families.

I found myself actually screaming at the screen.
One family tonight were very educated. Believed in education and rules and helping each other especially their mother. I hope I actually saw myself in this family in a few years time when my girls are a bit older.

The other family however……..the mother left school with no qualifications at 16.
She has three kids and believes that education is a waste of time and that kids should be having as much fun as possible. They have plenty of time in the future for everything else.
The partner and the kids don’t help the mother in any way shape or form.

Even the 5-year-old just disappears out of the house to visit friends whenever he feels like it.

I actually saw the partner laying on the sofa watching TV. The mother, who was working her butt off anyway, came into the living room, picked up his dirty coffee cup and put a fresh one in its place!!!!!
She didn’t even get a ‘thank you’.

Helllloooooo!!!!! What is mother number two thinking!! Her kids and her partner are walking all over her.
Her life is just slavery.

I know my kids can walk all over me at times but they are all under 7 years old. I sincerely hope that in the not too distant future I will have a productive relationship with them. I would hope that they would want to help me out. Even if it was just occasionally. Anything would be better than what I witnessed tonight.
I can’t believe people actually live like that and put up with it.

Right, that’s out of my system.
See you tomorrow.
I laughed at that last paragraph!! 8 years on and I still barely get any help!!

Oh well, I’m going to trawl through some more old blogs.
I’ll see if I can find something a little more juicy.
I really didn’t get into the swing of blogging for quite some time!

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