General diary entries


I found two entries in my early blogging that I decided to update a little.
This is being updated from 2005!

100 things about me.
It is not an easy thing to actually sit and come up with a list of 100 things that are personal to you.
This is now the third time I’ve updated this list.
It actually didn’t need too many changes.


1 – I’ve been married for 18 years. (19 come Aug 6th) Pretty good going for this day and age!
2 – I have 3 beautiful daughters although they are a bigger handful now than they were 7 years ago.
3 – I have a very short temper and I swear far too much. I hate myself for it. It sounds awful and it’s a habit I’m finding very hard to break.
4 – I’m not a particularly fit or slim person. This is something I am aiming to change over the next year for my own health and for my kids….. Well that never happened. If anything I an even more unfit now and am paying for it physically.
5 – I watch far too much television. See No.4
6 – I drink too much beer. See No. 4
7 – My husband is a no longer a contract worker but he is still in IT and has a shift job at Howdens Joinery in Northampton.
8 – I love going to the cinema. That hasn’t changed
9 – I love going out to dinner. Something I don’t get to do nearly enough! That hasn’t changed either.
10 – I was once a closet Sci-Fi fan and met my husband when I joined a Star Trek Club! Enough said about that one!
11 – I am a Graphic Designer although I’ve been out of the business so long it’s going to be really difficult to get back in…… I never did get back to Graphic Design. I am now a Clinical Support worker. How’s that for a change in career.
12 – I love manipulating images on computer to create pieces of artwork. I concentrate on portraits of actors and actresses from some of my favourite TV shows and also my family.
13 – I used to sell my artwork until keeping up with the kids became too much to handle. I have recently started to sell again but only through Ebay so I can run it from home in my own time.
This had to stop about 6 years ago when I got jumped on by the BBC for selling ‘Dr Who’ inspired artwork. Spoil sports.
14 – I hate ironing.
15 – I hate housework.
16 – I love being a Mum which totally contradicts No’s 14 + 15. Figure that one out.
17 – I have lost far too many friends and relatives over the last few years. The last one being an old friend who was my Brother’s best man and 4 years younger than me! Brings things into perspective a little bit.
I have since lost an old school friend. Scary.
18 – I have a fairly large family. On my Mum’s side I have 3 Aunties (1 deceased) and 2 Uncles (1 deceased). All married. All have kids. Some of the kids have kids. Actually ALL the kids have kids! And they’re still coming
On my Dad’s side I have an Auntie. She used to be married. Has 2 kids. Kids have kids.
I have one brother and between us we have 5 kids.
My Nan is 94 years young and not going quite so strong now.
My husband’s brother lives in the same town as us and has 5 kids.
The rest of my husband’s family lives in Scotland and we don’t see them much.
19 – Xmas is expensive!
20 – I hate the British Government. Nobody seems to be able to get anything right!
21 – If I had the finances I would leave England.
22 – I drive a Mondeo.
23 – I’ve been driving for 27 years. Wow, now I feel old!
24 – I colour my hair. The kids have turned me grey.
25 – I hate school holidays. They are just a form or torture for parents and should be banned by the court for human rights.
26 – My kids hate school holidays. They just want to get back to school to see their friends. This vindicates my opinion on No.25.
27 – Drive across America, fly down the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, swim with dolphins, see New Zealand, go sailing on the Grand Turk, go into space, own my own house, fit into a European size 12, win the lottery. Just a few of the things I’d like to do before I die. ( I can dream can’t I?)
28 – I want to own my own house. It will happen one day but it’s going to be difficult.
29 – I hate renting. It’s money down the drain.
30 – We recently moved after 10 years in the same house. Financially it’s been a push but the house is HUGE and we are a lot happier. I just begrudge renting.
31 – I love going on holiday. Don’t get to do it enough. When we do go anywhere I like to explore.
32 – I love York and the Yorkshire coast.
33 – My favourite tipple is Lager. Yes, I’m a lager lout.
34 – The best meal I’ve ever had out was in York at a place called the living room. August 2004. No kids. We were sat on the Balcony in glorious sunshine and I had the Crispy Duck and Pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce and of course a pint to wash it down with. It was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable meal I have ever had.
35 – I can be a bit sentimental when the mood takes me. Especially at Xmas time.
36 – My kids are nuts! This still hasn’t changed a bit.
37 – I couldn’t live without my computer. Literally. Although I no longer do artwork and I don’t download US TV as much as I used to. I now concentrate on my blogging, facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, Tumbling, Flikring and YouTubing.
38 – I hate mobile phones. Well this one has changed!!! I couldn’t be without my HTC Sensation now.
39 – Come to think of it I hate all phones at the moment. Why do house phones have to look and feel like mobile phones. Why can’t we have a phone with a proper handset that actually has an ear piece and a mouthpiece that you can hold between your chin and your shoulder like you used to be able to do!
40 – Outside of my family, I really don’t have many friends. My closest friend and someone I grew up with is Mandy. She lives in Spain with her daughter and husband and I don’t get to see her much at all. Another of my closest friends now has a successful teaching career a husband and 2 kids!!. We just don’t have the chance to see each other any more. The only friends we see on a regular basis are Mick and Chris. Ian met Mick at a Star Trek convention running around trying to shoot people with a rubber chicken! (don’t ask) All our other friends have quite literally moved away with their careers and have completely different lives now.
41 – I’ve been blogging for over 9 years now and I find it quite relaxing. It allows me to say what I want and get things off my chest when I need to.
42 – I am a Horatian (if you can figure that one out I’m impressed! If you too are a Horatian, welcome and drop me a note) OK, I think anybody who reads my blogs regularly will realise that this was a fad. I am at heart a Trekker and Sci Fi fan and always will be.
43 – Some of my favourite current TV shows are Vampire Diaries, Elementary, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, (and I am going to pre-empt Almost Human!! It’s going to be a hit)
44 – Some of my favourite old shows are all The Tudors, Star Trek, Pretender, John Doe, Highlander, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel….the list is endless
45 – I told you I watched too much TV
46 – Some of my favourite actors and actresses are, Karl Urban, Robert Downey Jr, Henry Cavill, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn to name but a few.
47 – I grew up on a diet of classic films.
48 – I always said I would never get married and never have kids. Look at me now!
49 – I spoil my kids and let them get away with far too much. I am beginning to regret it.
50 – I miss roller skating. I think when I’ve lost some weight a got myself a little bit fitter this will be something I’d try again.
51 – Wow, I’ve made it to the half way point!
52 – My birthday is in October.
53 – I’m in my forties although I feel and probably look like I’m in my fifties.
54 – I love shopping when I have the money.
55 – I love all kinds of music except rappy hip hoppy shit that I loath with a vengeance.
56 – Every year I grow sunflowers (because I like them) and pumpkins (to carve for Halloween
I may still be able to do sunflowers next year but we no longer have a veggie patch and I don’t think we will be doing Halloween this year. We are not really in the right location anymore. They are going to miss my pumpkins in Cornland!!
57 – I hate wet weather.
58 – I hate people who take advantage of the welfare system.
59 – I hate football.
60 – I love athletics and gymnastics and the Olympics. Can’t wait for 2012! Didn’t we do well!!
61 – I like haggis.
62 – I am really scraping the barrel!
63 – I hate banks with a vengeance. They just screw everything up and couldn’t care less about the consequences. I have ‘never’ had a positive relationship with a bank and will die of shock if I ever find someone with a brain that works at one. OK, The Nationwide is now bringing me round. They have been a godsend over the last few years and were the only bank that would even touch us after our bankruptcy.
64 – I will never have wooden floors upstairs again. The kids sound like a herd of elephants. Thank goodness the new house is carpets top to bottom.
65 – I love real wood floors! Catch 22.
66 – I love babies. (I secretly want more but can’t)
67 – I am totally nuts see No.66
68 – I once pushed my brother through a glass door in his pushchair.
69 – I used to have a rabbit called Tinkerbell followed by a rabbit called Patch followed by various gerbils and goldfish followed by a Chinchilla called Fatso followed by more gerbils and goldfish and finally an inherited Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was completely adorable but had to be given up when he became jealous of our first child when she started crawling. I still miss him.
70 – I hate trying to think of 100 things about me.
71 – I love dolphins, horses and tigers.
72 – I had a christening gown made out of my wedding dress and all of my children have been christened in it.
73 – All of my children were christened in the same church I got married in.
74 – I have moved 7 times since meeting my husband.
75 – I love living on the coast and if I have my way this is where we will eventually buy a property.
76 – I hate people who talk and rustle wrappers in a cinema.
77 – I hate inconsiderate drivers.
78 – I love Mocha Flakes from Costa’s Coffee.
79 – I miss selling my artwork at collector fairs. This still stands
80 – I don’t miss the preparation for the collector fairs.
81 – I love making extra money on Ebay. But sadly don’t do it quite to the extent I used to since I stopped doing the artwork.
82 – I love photos. I spent the last year scanning and backing up all my photos onto an external site called Flikr. Now all of my photos from my entire life are just a click away and safe.
83 – I love making friends around the world via the internet.
84 – I hate junk e-mail and pop ups!
85 – I like Chinese, Italian and Sea food but I’m not keen on Indian food. However I recently got into homemade chicken tikka masala and it is now a weekly family meal enjoyed by all but Dharma.
86 – I like doing new things with my kids.
87 – I love to watch the kids playing when they get carried away in the back garden. Except now it’s on the WII!!
88 – I hate spiders and all things creepy crawly.
89 – I love good costume dramas like Sharpe and Hornblower and Rome and The Tudors!.
90 – I love to stay up late and sleep in in the mornings. Neither of which is practical with three kids and a full time job.
91 – I hate adverts on television. Especially adverts during children’s television.
92 – I wish I could get out and about more with my kids but I always get hung up on keeping the house tidy and also where the money is coming from!.
93 – I hate that I have become obsessed with keeping the house tidy. This is actually taking a back seat in the new house. Because of the space, this house is so much easier to keep tidy.
94 – I want to renovate and old house with a large garden.
95 – I want a secluded hot tub in the garden.
96 – I want people to stop fighting and just get on with each other regardless of beliefs or histories.
97 – I want a nanny.
98 – I want my kids to grow up healthy and be successful and then spoil me and their dad.
99 – I want to run the London Marathon one day (got to lose a lot of weight and get fit first though)
Somehow I don’t think this is ever going to happen.
100 – I love my husband, I love my kids and I love my family, warts and all.

There, it was pretty accurate after all. Just a few tweeks here and there.
Have a go, see how you get on and if you post it anywhere let me know so I can have a snoop.
Have fun!

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