General diary entries


Oh happy days!!
Dharma has been sick since the early hours of Saturday.
Marjorie took ill on her school trip last night and Murron woke up feeling sick this morning.
Poor Dharma was actually on her way to school and had to stop off at Nan’s house.

I suspect we may have Rota Virus in the house.
So a trip to Tesco to get a bottle of spray disinfectant and disposeable cloths it is then.

Poor Dharma.
She actually went to school yesterday because she hadn’t been sick all day Sunday and although she had a really sore tummy, she wanted to go to school because she has two really important science tests this week. One today and one on Thursday.
She was feeling very rough and the teacher kept a good eye on her and she made it through the day.
She was on her way to school today and had to stop off at Mum’s house because she has now developed diarrhoea and got a little caught out. Lovely!
She phoned me in a bit of a state from Mum’s.
She wasn’t upset about being sick, she was upset because she was missing an important Science test today!!
Bless her.
Anyway, the school have told her to stop panicking because she can sit the test when she gets back.

I’m not feeling particularly great myself this morning but I’m probably just being a bit paranoid.

So that’s been my morning so far.
What a lovely subject to blog about!!

I have broken the back of the garden, finally.
I have noticed a couple of small areas that need a little pruning just to tidy them up a bit but that can wait.
The weather looks really dull and overcast and has actually tried to rain so I think I’ll give the garden a miss today.

I am going to catch up with season three of Game of Thrones.
I am also going to have a look through some of my old blogs from the previous site I used before it closed down.
I backed them all up and archived them.
It will be good to bring a few of them out of hiding and see how my blogging has developed in the last 8 years.

Oh yes, remember……..


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