General diary entries


It’s a dull cloudy day with the threat of a little rain today.
I have just a little bit of the garden left to dig over and tidy up.
Do I spend a couple of chilly hours just getting it done or do I put my feet up and enjoy the quiet?

The kids are all at school although how long that will last is anyone’s guess.
Poor Dharma is still feeling rubbish with a sore tummy but she dragged herself to school today with lots of encouragement.
She has an important Science test this week and doesn’t want to fluff it.
I phoned the school this morning to tell them and so far I haven’t had a call. Fingers crossed she sticks it out.

Murron has her Unit 1 science exam today. She is bricking it.
I just wish she’d apply herself a little more at home.
Getting her to give up time with her mates and revise is impossible.
I’ve done what I can, it’s up to Murron now.

Marjorie is in for a long day.
She is going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at The Theatre Royal in London after school.
She won’t be home until nearly midnight and then she has to be up early for her academic mentoring in the morning!
Poor kid.

Just had a visit from an old neighbour that means I’m now 2 hours behind on my plans but it was nice to catch up and have a laugh.
So back to the original question.
A couple of hours in the garden or not?

I think it had better be a yes.
There’s only a tiny bit to do and then it will just mean keeping up with it and not letting it go again.
So, time to get in my scruffs.

Just remember…..


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