General diary entries


Right, Dharma is feeling a bit better today.
Still not 100% but I’m not worrying about it any more.

Marjorie is still at Mum’s
Murron is still in bed and will probably be disappearing out with her mates when she gets up.
Ian has just gone to bed. He has another night to do tonight.

I have to get the school uniforms done.
I have to make sure Marjorie has lots of packup for school tomorrow as she’s going on a trip to London to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory after school and won’t be home until nearly midnight.
I want to finish weeding and turning over the back garden. It’s nearly there. One last push and it’s finished.
In my spare minutes I want to get more Man of Steel and Henry Cavill on my Dashboard!

Move over Star Trek (your time will come again for the Bluray!)
Step aside Karl Urban (sorry baby, it’s only a temporary move)
Hello Man of Steel and welcome Henry Cavill.

I am going to start filling my dash with all things Henry and Superman.
This one seems to have snuck up on me.
I’ve been so engrossed in all things Star Trek that I’ve forgotten about everything else.

So, to get started for the day….


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