General diary entries


I am convinced we were visited by body snatchers last night.
All 3 kids were up, dressed and out of the house before 07:45 this morning!
No arguments, no shouting, Mum and Dad still in bed!

What happened?
Did the chill pill fairy visit them in the night?
If so, can she please come again…. and again and again to infinity please!

Anyway, we have a trip to Stanmore with Marjorie this afternoon.
Will be picking her up from school at 13:15 and then off down the motorway.
It is D-day today.
Hopefully, now that the surgeon has an up to date MRI, we will be getting a decision on whether or not Marjorie will be in line for a surgery.
Could be fun if she is, it will probably be done at Stanmore and not Bedford.
Talk about pressure.

No sense in worrying about it until we know.
Right, I’m going to do an hour in the garden to take my mind off of it.

Categories: General diary entries

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