General diary entries


It’s been a lovely couple of days in the garden.
I’ve been finding some lovely plants and having a good tidy up.
There’s still lots to do but the next couple of days will have to be spent with my feet up.
My foot is the size of a football again.
Think I over did it a bit today.

I did have a lovely moment in the garden today.
I was busy clearing weeds from underneath a large Ceonothus tree when a bird started singing.
I was listening to it for about five minutes and he was really getting into it.
When I looked up there was a little robin just three feet away from me singing his little heart out.
He didn’t care that I was there. I even yelled for Ian who grabbed a camera.
This little bird just didn’t care. He sang for another 10 minutes before leaving.


And then Ian goes a spoils my day by pranging my car.
The idiot was so busy watching for traffic as he left the driveway that he forgot to watch the nose.

Car Scrape


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