General diary entries


Right, I am on a mission.

I took things slowly in the garden yesterday and although my foot had some pretty major swelling in the evening it was fairly comfortable with little pain.
The swelling has gone down nicely overnight and I have just dosed myself up with my first lot of painkillers for the day.
After taking a quick look at the BBC weather site it looks like we are going to have a pretty decent week.
I have made it my mission this week to spend the week in the back garden.
I’m going to take things easy with regular breaks (and painkillers) and I am going to tidy up in a major way.

I need to keep my foot moving to exercise it properly but I can’t just go for a walk yet.
Pottering around the house and garden is my exercise at the moment.
I am hoping that if I step that up a little bit this week, next week I can start doing short ‘actual’ walks.
We’ll see.
I want to be able to march around the Marina again by August but at this rate I won’t be doing it until Xmas!!

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