General diary entries


I had a good night and a pretty good lay in this morning.
Felt a bit more ‘with it’ today.
The sun struggled to come out all day. At least it didn’t rain.

I decided that today I would make a start on the back garden.
I’ve been out to take a really good look at what’s out there and to be honest there’s a lot of nice plants that are struggling through the weeds.
It was obviously a well looked after garden in the past.
There is a huge ceonothus tree to one side that is struggling.
It’s flowering well but is very twiggy underneath. It’s going to need a good pruning. Just hope I don’t kill it.

After doing the garden stock take, I started work by cleaning the patio with a jet washer.
That was fun!
I think the patio was in desperate need of a good cleaning!
Shelly woz ere

I decided not to push my luck after that.
I came in and had a long soak in the bath, ordered a Chinese and now I’m putting my feet up for the evening.
If the sun is out tomorrow I’m going to potter around in the garden again.
I’m going to take it slow and not push my foot too much.
I have plenty of time to get it done so no need to try and get it all done in a day.
Just hope the weather holds for a couple of days at least.

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