Month: June 2013


I’ve just caught the tail end of a kids ‘prank’ programme.
It was a bit like a you’ve been framed kind of thing.
They showed a clip of a boy who looks a bit like Justin Bieber who was staying in the same hotel as Justin Bieber.
He must have been about 5 floors up and there was a crowd of Bieber fans in the street below.
So he started to tease them by waving from the window.
They went crazy.

Anyway, this made the presenters of the show ask, ‘Can we make anyone famous for a day?
So they went onto the street and picked a young good looking lad who must have been about 17 or 18 years old.
They gave him a smart T-shirt, some shades and they greased his hair a bit.
They supplied him with a fake paparazzi, a fake sidekick and threw in a few fake fans to get the ball rolling.
They took him to a shopping area and just let things develop.

It was unbelievable.

After the fake fans started making a fuss, people in the vacinity started getting curious and even though they had no idea who this person was they started asking for autographs and photos.
Within an hour you’d have thought he was ‘A’ list movie star!!

I couldn’t believe the reaction.
How shallow were these people.
Do we really live in a society where celebrity out weighs integrity?

I have lots of experience of meeting famous people through my past hobby of selling artwork at conventions and collector fairs.
There were times, particularly at the bigger collector fairs, when I didn’t know some of the guests.
It didn’t mean that I demeaned myself by grovelling at their feet asking for photos and autographs.
Why would I even want a photo of someone if I hadn’t got a clue who they were!


Just as well I checked. I nearly missed my blog for the day.
Not really in the mood for a long one so it’s just going to be a quick run down of my incredibly boring day with an up beat end.

I needed to do a quick Tesco run this morning to get some fresh bits and pieces but apart from that I didn’t go out today.
No, I spent the day clearing up after the rummage for car booty.
Ian and Marjorie are getting up at the crack of dawn to try and make some money for school uniforms, holiday spending money and the rental agency fees for renewing our tenancy….. hopefully.
We are having an inspection on Monday so tomorrow is cleanup day.

I’m a little nervous about the inspection.
Not that we’ve trashed the house!! but there are a couple of things they may bring up like the posters in Murron’s room.
Technically we shouldn’t be using blue tack!!
My argument to that is that this is a family house with three kids in it. 2 of them teenagers. What do they expect?
We are fully prepared to paint if necessary when the time comes to leave.

Anyway, after a late dinner we all sat down to watch a film I picked up in Tesco for just £3!
Me and the kids love it but Ian has never seen it.
This Means War! Starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.
I watched it on Demand a while back with Dharma because she’s a bit of a Pine Nut.
I didn’t think I would like it which is why I’ve never watched it but in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It’s hilarious. It’s a chick flick that a guy can watch.
The great thing about the DVD is that it has three alternate endings, one of which is an absolute scream and I am convinced it was filmed specifically for the DVD.

So, now everyone has gone to bed because they are having an early start tomorrow.
I have the living room to myself.
I have nibbles, I have beer, I have the remote!!
Life is good.


Well after the fiasco with Dharma and her little trip to A+E last night I’m pooped.
We finally got in at just after 1 in the morning.
Needless to say she’s not at school today but I still have to go to work later today.
Thankfully it’s just a 5 hour shift between 3 and 8.

She had her foot X-ray’d and the Doctor had one last check after that.
He said the X-ray looked ‘OK’
He advised her to keep her foot elevated for a couple of days and if it deteriorates or we are not happy by Sunday then pop her back in for another X-ray.
So her adventure holiday with the school that she is supposed to be going on on Monday for the week is still in the balance.
Thankfully the pain seems to have eased off a little today, so fingers crossed!!

It’s going to be a busy weekend.
I’m not working but Ian wants to do a car boot.
We need to raise a little cash for school uniforms and to put towards the family holiday we want to do next year.
We also have our first inspection from the rental agency on the house so I need to do a top to bottom tidy and clean.
All this while Ian and the kids are raiding things for a car boot.
Might be getting a little stressed I think.


Dharma rolled over on her foot coming home school.
She went to her club tonight with the aid of her crutches.
When she got in just after 8 she could barely put her foot to the floor so we are now sat in A+E waiting to get it checked.
Not how I planned this evening.
Could do with putting my own foot up!


After I got home from work yesterday my foot was the size of a football.
By the early evening it was really uncomfortable and quite painful.
Within an hour of getting up this morning it was swelling quite nicely again and now it’s uncomfortable and painful again!!
All I’ve done today is a quick trip to Tesco and a quick walk over the road to the butchers.

I know my surgeon wasn’t worried about the swelling and has discharged me but this swelling is ridiculous!
The capillary refill is currently 5-6 seconds and the skin is so tight that when I point my foot it goes from pink to white.

Anyway, it was payday today.
Easy come, easy go.
At least the bills are paid.

I decided that this month all of our meat would be bought from the butchers so I worked out what we would need, nipped over the road to get it and then bagged it all up for the freezer.
I then went to Tesco to get our seafood and frozen items for the month.
I also got a few other cupboard bits and pieces for the month.
All I have to think about now is the fresh items like salad and veggies and bread and milk over the month.

I think it will be an early night tonight with my foot well raised.
Not happy.


I just spent the best part of the evening planning for a possible holiday next year.
Nothing special.
1 week in Dundee. Ian’s home town and a place I have never visited. As it will be our 20th wedding anniversary it seemed a good idea.
That would be followed by 1 week in York. A couple of days walking the wall, a trip to Whitby, a trip to Scarborough and possibly Harrogate too.
I found accommodation, worked out petrol money, worked out minimum spending on a daily basis.
The whole trip would be dependent on Ian’s bonus in March…. if he gets one!!
If he doesn’t we probably lose the deposits.

What’s the reaction I get from one person in particular?
Does that mean I won’t be getting a moped at Xmas?
How can you afford that and not a trip to Borneo?
Oh by the way, can you bung me some extra money in August for the Gay Pride march in Brighton?
I’m not sitting in the back of the car with the other two while they’re being sick.
Argue, argue, argue, scream, scream, scream, throw everything I’ve ever done for her back in my face and then storm off out the house for an hour.

Why did I bother?
Right about now I’d like nothing more than to organise the holiday without her but this is supposed to be a ‘family’ holiday.
Probably the last one we will have as a family and she made me feel so inadequate as a parent that I just……
I can’t even put into words how incredibly selfish she’s been tonight.

I’m so angry I’m actually crying!

It’s pay day tomorrow.
More stress, more worry and I bet she still expects her pocket money for the month.


The next couple of weeks could see some exciting news hit the net.
The following article is from

Rumours of a sequel to Dredd 3D have caused an apparent spike in DVD sales.

The 2012 comic book movie reboot leaped up Amazon’s charts after it was reported that a follow-up to the well-received film was under consideration, reports Robot 6.

A post on the ‘Make a Dredd Sequel’ Facebook page has claimed that “DNA Films will be reviewing the Blu-ray/DVD sales of Dredd in the coming weeks and will be deciding whether or not to make a sequel”.

The Dredd Blu-ray currently occupies’s top spot and has jumped from 260th to 30th position on

Despite reaching number one in the UK box office, the movie underperformed in the US.

After the props were auctioned off, the chances of a sequel were considered slim, but star Karl Urban has said that a Dredd follow-up is “not off the agenda”.

“Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it,” he explained. “It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another instalment then they should be vocal about that because it can happen.”

I certainly hope so.
My only worry is that if they do make a sequel then the marketing company needs to be changed!!
Whoever thought it would be a good idea to limit the 2D showings should, I hope, be out of a job because that is suicide for a film.
You need to make it accessible to ‘everyone’ and not just limit it to the 3D fans and fans that can afford the 3D excess!!