General diary entries


Today could be a turning point.
I will be talking to Occy Health at 13:30 to discuss what happens next with my return to work.
I want to get back. I need to get off this computer!!
However, I am more than a little concerned about the pain I still have. Even on really strong painkillers.
I know I will be supported but the job I do is literally on my feet the whole time.
Judging by how I’ve been since the cast came off, it could be quite some time yet before I get back to my normal level of work.

Anyway, best not to think about it yet.
I am beginning to panic a bit and that’s not helping.
I’m looking forward to going in to see the girls at work later today.
I’d better update my diary in case we end up discussing some possible work days.

So, let’s try and take my mind off things.
You may have noticed that my blogging over the last couple of weeks has simply been diary entries.
No ‘Dish of the Weeks’
No gushing about ‘Karl Urban’ (shock horror!!)
No waffling about ‘Star Trek’
I haven’t even been hyping myself up about ‘Man of Steel’ that’s due out in just a couple of weeks.
Because I have been worrying.

I think I am just being silly.
Because I had no pain when I was in my cast, I think I just expected that to carry on when the cast came off.
I didn’t realise I would still have pain 2 weeks after getting the cast off.
I think I was a bit deluded when I thought I would ‘at least’ be strolling around the Marina by now let alone power walking.

Anyway, I can’t even get out in the back garden at the moment because of the bloody rain!
I can’t believe it. It’s the end of May and I’m still using the heating.
We get the occasional tease of a summer. Last weekend was beautiful and I really enjoyed pottering around in the front garden.
It looks like we have some really nice plants and bulbs.
The gardens were obviously well looked after in the past and I am really going to enjoy tidying them up and adding a few bits of our own.

So, time to tidy up and get washed and dressed.
Time to get back to reality…. hopefully.

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