General diary entries


OK, I still have a cold. It seems to have migrated to my ears!!
Every time I get a cold just lately it ends up in my ears.
I feel like I have my head in a bucket of water.

My foot didn’t swell quite so much yesterday.
Having said that I have limited my exercise to sitting on the sofa with my foot elevated for a couple of days.
I did manage a quick trip to Tesco and it still really hurts to walk on but there was minimal swelling.
It’s the pain that has me worried more than anything now.
It’s more painful to walk on now than it was before the surgery and at the back of my mind I’m worried that the surgery didn’t work and this is what I’m going to have to live with.
If that’s the case I’m stuffed.
I’m probably just impatient and it’s going to take a lot longer than anticipated to get back to normal.
I think that I got spoilt during my seven weeks in plaster.
While I was in plaster I had absolutely no pain!
I just ‘assumed’ that’s how it would be when the plaster came off.
I’m normally a very patient person but enough is enough now.
I want to be stomping around the marina to shake off some weight.

So, what to do today.
It’s lovely and sunny out there… for a change.
I think I am going to tinker around in the front garden.
I will take it easy. I will take regular breaks.

I don’t have to worry about dinner.
The stew that nobody ate last weekend is currently defrosting in the kitchen.
Going to make the most of it because as of tomorrow, stodgy dinners are out the window.
This family needs to get fit.

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