General diary entries


Payday has arrived.
I’ve just spent the morning paying a few bills and allocating money for DD’s and future bills in the bank account.
After the child benefit comes in next week we will have successfully allocated to all required pots for the month.
But only just!!
It’s going to be a really tight month.
I’m going to have to make some savings on the food shopping if we are going to go and see Man of Steel next month.

My foot is still quite swollen and I’m sure that by the time I’ve finished hobbling around Tescos it will be the size of a football again.
Still, I can’t just sit around doing nothing. I’ve got to keep it moving and actually get some exercise.

I have made a decision.
I know I have said it before but I seriously need to lose weight.
Around 6 stones!!
So, with the decision to grow my hair (yes I have decided to grow it!) I have also decided that because it’s going to take me over 2 years to grow my hair to the length I want, it is also the perfect time to do something about the weight.
I am not going to be able to do what I did before with the power walking so it’s going to take a bit longer this time.
I know my problems.
We have a set (and pretty healthy) menu for the week so I can tweak my portions and ingredients to suit me.
I will however have to cut out my milky coffee in the mornings. 1 – 3 mugs at 400 calories each! not good.
I will be dramatically cutting down on my beer, crisps and chocolate. Once or twice a month as a treat only.
I will be doing whatever exercise I can do comfortably. Starting with the WII fit.
If I do all that I should slowly lose weight which is the best way to do it.

So, my aim will be to be the same size I was when I got married (or smaller) by my 21st anniversary in August 2015.
It’s very do-able and now I have something to aim for.

Watch this space!

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