General diary entries


Within half an hour of getting up this morning my foot was swollen.
I’ve spent the day on painkillers. Elevating the foot on frozen peas.
I really wasn’t expecting this when the plaster came off and I’m feeling a little frustrated by it now.
After reading a PDF from the Royal Ortho hospital about foot surgery, I’ve found that I won’t get back to ‘normality’ for anywhere up to 12 months.

So, I spent the day going through all the paperwork in my filing cabinet.
I really don’t think we need mobile phone statements dating back to 2008!!
Just need a shredder to get rid of it all safely now.

Tonight I’m going to make a big shopping list for the week.
It’s payday tomorrow. Should be interesting. I won’t have any weekend enhancements on this one.
That’s going to hurt.

So it’s been kind of a long boring day but hopefully tomorrow, if I persevere with the ice packs and painkillers, I’ll have a better day.

Categories: General diary entries

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