General diary entries


Well we got two of the kids back to school today.
Poor little Dharma is still struggling with her UTI.
Ian took her back to the Docs today and they’ve changed her antibiotics.

Anyway, our day out may have taken a little bit of a side seat.
May still think about it a little later but it will mean the kids going to Mum’s after school so I’ll have to see what she says.

My foot is still swollen.
It wasn’t too bad when I first got up but now it’s back to it’s usual bloated self.
I’m am getting more than a little disheartened right about now.
I think I’m expecting things to get back to normal too quickly.
I am getting a little concerned about going back to work in a couple of weeks if this doesn’t get any better.
Anyway, I’ll persevere with the exercise a little longer and maybe go and see Ocy health next week.

Right, back to today.
Getting showered and dressed will be a start!

Categories: General diary entries

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