General diary entries


People who read my blog regularly will know that I am not religious.
I was.
I was married in a church and all of my kids were christened.
However, with everything that’s happened in the world over the last 15+ years I have simply lost all faith.
Don’t give me that, ‘God only sends us what we can handle’ crap!

Today has done nothing to reaffirm any faith with reports of the tornado that has killed over 90 people in Oklahoma. 20 of them children.
At the beginning of the news report you clearly hear one person saying God please keep these people safe.
If there was a god, he wouldn’t have sent the tornado in the first place!!
A lot of good that little prayer did.
Whole neighbourhoods wiped off the map.

That said, I also witnessed a small miracle.
A poor little old lady was describing the way she hid in her bathroom. It had always been her ‘game plan’ if this happened.
She was sad that she’d lost her dog and then the person who was interviewing her spotted the dog in the rubble behind the lady.
Right there in the middle of all the devastation this little old lady found her dog.

I know there are people reading this that will say ‘God answered her prayers’


You can have miracles without God.
With all the emergency services on scene I’m sure there will be a few more miracles over the next few days.
There is nothing greater than the capacity for humanity to pull together in adversity, God has nothing to do with it!

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