General diary entries


Whether they like it or not all three kids are going back to school tomorrow, even if I have to drag them there in pyjamas.
Murron in particular was back to her normal argumentative self this afternoon.

Me and the girls spent the afternoon Youtubing on the big telly.
Murron got me hooked on ‘JacksGap’
Absolutely hilarious.
Couple of lads (twins, Jack and Finn) having fun. Once you start watching you can’t stop.
And I wonder why Murron is so mad!
We’ve decided that If we win the lottery, when we get our house built, the girls bedrooms are all going to overlook a huge ball pit room and have a spiral slide and a firemans pole that goes straight down into it!

We all had a late dinner.
The whole family sat round the table for once and we actually had a really good laugh for a change.
I think Ian has finally conceded that in a female led family he’s fighting a losing battle.
Poor man.

Anyway, tomorrow should be quieter at least.
It’s also Orange Wednesday so there could be another trip to the cinema on the cards for me and Ian.

For now I’m just going to channel hop for a while and see what I land on.

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