General diary entries


Marjorie had a quick trip to A+E this evening.
She woke up with a sore arm and by the end of the day she couldn’t move it.
I was a bit worried so Ian popped her to the hospital.
Luckily she got seen very quickly and the Dr seems to think she has a condition called ‘bicep tendonitis’
This is inflammation of the tendons on the muscles of the long bone in the upper arm.
It’s quite common in weight lifters but can also be caused by someone grabbing the upper arm and pulling.
Symptoms can take up to two weeks to appear.
It would seem that somewhere in the last two weeks the sisterly spats have taken a turn and finally landed one of them in hospital!!

Anyway, I am now trying to relax. Swollen foot up!
Marjorie and Murron are both stretched out on the sofas and I am at the mercy of their film choice.
I tried to talk them into watching ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ but it got switched off after half an hour.
They didn’t like it and to be completely it wasn’t as good as I remember.
So the film they finally chose…..
Blue Hawaii!!!

Elvis bloody Presley!!
That’s it, the kids are banned from choosing any films in the future.

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