General diary entries


Well I haven’t tackled the garden today.
I ended up taking Dharma to the doctors as she appears to be developing another UTI.
Saw the paeds Dr’s on Monday after her recent kidney scans.
As the scans were normal and we had nothing to report infection wise, so they signed us off.
Now she has another infection.
Great timing.

Anyway, taking Dharma to the Dr’s meant driving!
Apart from putting the car onto the driveway, I haven’t driven anywhere for 7 weeks.
It was great!
My foot didn’t complain once and I was very comfortable.
Walking is another matter.
I suppose walking is the wrong word.
Hobbling is more appropriate!
I don’t know if I’m expecting too much too soon but walking is still not comfortable. Far from it.
I hobbled around Tesco waiting for Dharma’s prescription.
I’ve just stood in the kitchen and made a stew and taught Marjorie how to make individual chocolate cheesecakes so she can make them at school and now my ankle has swollen like a football.
So the front garden is just going to have to wait.

I’m getting a little disheartened.
Am I expecting too much too soon or has the surgery not been as successful as I had hoped?
Only time will tell.

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