General diary entries


Snuggled on the sofa watching the season finale to Elementary.
I’ve really been hooked by this one.
I’m going to follow it up with the last two episodes in the current series of Big Bang Theory.

It’s been a lovely quiet evening.
Dharma has shut herself in her room with a bit of a cold.
Marjorie is staying round a friends and Murron has been to her first gig at Esquires.
Sadly that means peace will be shattered when she gets home in half an hour because she’s going to be on the ceiling and won’t shut up!

My foot is a little sore tonight. Think I may have over done things today.
I must remember that I had a pretty big surgery and my cast only came off yesterday.
That said, I really need to get the grass cut if it doesn’t rain tonight. We’ll see.

Categories: General diary entries

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