General diary entries


I had my cast removed today…. it feels really weird!!
The muscles around my foot and ankle have wasted a little and are now pretty weak.
It literally feels like my foot is recovering from pins and needles.
The surgeon has signed me off work until the end of the month and has told me to take things slow and steady to build up the strength again and then take it slowly getting back into work.
So no 12 and a half hour shifts on my feet for a while.
He’s told me I can drive as soon as I’m confident enough so I’ll give it a week and see how the foot feels after some exercise.

So, just two weeks left.
Now my cast is off I have got to get in the garden and get the grass done.
Maybe another week to get the strength back first but it needs doing.

Two weeks to enjoy my movies and TV.
…. maybe another trip to see Star Trek….. but don’t tell the hubby!!

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