General diary entries


I have just received a lovely Get Well card from 2 Senior Sisters at work.
They have said that I am being missed and asked me to get fit soon.
I must admit that it actually made me tear up a bit!!

I suppose I had better succumb to the inevitable.
As much as I have enjoyed my time at home playing on my computer and catching up on my TV shows and movies, I really must face the fact that I do have to actually get back to work at some point.

I can’t believe it’s actually been 7 weeks today since I had my surgery!
My cast is coming off tomorrow and I will find out what happens next.
I don’t know how quickly I will be able to get back to driving.
I don’t know if I will be needing Physio at all.
I don’t know what the surgeon will recommend as a time frame for getting back to work considering my job means I’m on my feet for most of the day.
I really don’t know much until after my follow up tomorrow.
I may be able to start a few hours back at work straight away but I could be very much at the mercy of when my husband will be available to run me to and from work.

So until tomorrow, I’m very much in the dark.
One thing is for certain though, unless I win the lottery I am definitely going back to work.

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