General diary entries


All the major studios in the States have been revealing their new Autumn schedules over the last week.
I haven’t been into a lot of my regular shows over the last year. I think I got a bit over loaded and I think that a lot of the shows were getting very ‘same old, same old’.
However, I am in the mood for something new and there have been a couple of shows appear that have tweaked my interest.

So here, in no particular order and in no great detail let’s look at what’s ending or has been cancelled and what has been renewed.
I am concentrating solely on the kind of shows that I watch (or used to)

So first on the Cancelled/ending list….
Body of Proof
CSI New York
Private Practice

To be honest I’m not surprised by most of these, particularly CSI New York.

On the renewed list….
Big Bang Theory
Chicago Fire
Criminal Minds
Grey’s Anatomy
Hawaii Five 0
The Mentalist
NCSI Los Angeles
Person of Interest
Vampire Diaries

Very pleased that Big Bang Theory will be back and also Elementary.
I have only recently got into both of these and I’m not done with them yet.
I am a little surprised that CSI is still going but Hey! E.R ran for 15 years and CSI is just going into it’s 14th season. I will be very surprised if it goes to a 15th season.

Now for the exciting bit!
I haven’t gone into any great detail yet but there are a couple of shows that I’m really looking forward to.
The first one I have already mentioned in a previous blog and I think it may just become my next big obsession over the next few months so I will apologise in advance if I go a little mental about it.

Almost Human Starring Karl Urban.
I am soooo looking forward to this.
As the JJ Abrams created programme ‘Fringe’ has just ended, I am hoping this will be the next big show for Fox Broadcasting.

Then we have ‘Dracula’
From the producers of Downton Abbey and the Director of The Tudors!! YES PLEASE!!
I think the title speaks for itself.
This time around it is set in Victorian London and stars ‘Jonathan Rhys Meyers’!!
NBC states.. Dracula comes to London, posing as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to the Victorian city. In reality, Dracula seeks revenge on those who betrayed him centuries earlier. As Dracula’s plans move toward fruition, he falls hopelessly in love with a woman who may be a reincarnation of his deceased wife.

I’m hoping this will be a good substitute for the sadly missed ‘Tudors’

Another show that has tweaked my attention is ‘Sleepy Hollow’
This show is continuing the current interest in all things supernatural and puts a real twist on an old well loved story.

The next show to grab my attention and only because I used to watch the original show is ‘Ironside’
This time around the wheelchair bound detective is played by Blair Underwood who looks like he’s a bit of a bad ass even in a wheelchair.
So much for the ‘whitewashing’ I talked about in my post entitled ‘ REALLY? (STID SPOILER WARNING)

That’s just a few that have been announced that have caught my attention.
There are more like, Intelligence, The Blacklist, Crisis and Believe but I don’t intend to get bogged down with a lot this time round but I’ll have fun giving them all a go.

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