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I am going to have to be very careful about what I write in this post.
If I am not careful I may come across as sounding a bit racist which I most definitely am not.
Even if I am careful, someone out there will probably still accuse me and argue with my opinion.

To start I will say that I thought part of making a movie was choosing actors and actresses who are right for the role they are playing.
It shouldn’t matter what colour they are unless it is crucial to the story as it is in a films like ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Amistad’

As a long term Star Trek fan I am so pleased that the Re-boot of Star Trek is doing so well.
I get a bit exasperated with die hard ‘Original Series’ fans who say that it should never have been done or that JJ Abrams just doesn’t get it!
Give me a break!
He’s done an amazing job.
It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s young again, it’s been dragged up to date and in one swift move in the 2009 film he’s completely re-written Star Trek law and allowed the franchise to start again!

So, here we are, 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness.
It is still to be released in the US but here in Europe it’s been out for the last week.
It is doing amazingly well and getting rave reviews everywhere.
The stars are getting ‘Beatles’ like receptions wherever they go, it’s crazy!

One star in particular is doing exceptionally well and that is Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain Khan.
Everyone who has seen the film is saying he steals the show.
His fellow cast members can’t be any more complementary about him when they are being interviewed.
Indeed, having seen the film now (3 times!) I have to agree with them.
He is cold, calculating, menacing and played perfectly by Benedict.


I have been noticing a growing number of posts from people who are upset that Khan is being played by a white man.
The original Khan was played by Ricardo Montalban who was a fairly pale skinned Mexican and he was pretty heavily made up to look Indian!.
We now have a PC brigade of people who are accusing Hollywood of ‘whitewashing’
Why is Khan now white?


Why are they not arguing about why it was necessary to ‘black up’ Montalban in the first place.?
I can’t believe that there are people out there that still can’t get past the colour of someone’s skin.
I certainly can’t believe that because a character was previously played by ‘A person of colour’ they think that anyone playing the part in a re-make should also be ‘A person of colour’
No, it should be played by the right person for the part, be they white, black, yellow, purple, blue…… it doesn’t matter!!!

The whole point of this re-boot is to make the franchise viable again.
The only changes that couldn’t really be made were to the main cast.
If you line up the original crew and the new crew there is no mistaking that we are still dealing with Star Trek.
Uhura is still black, Sulu is still Asian, Spock is still Vulcan, Scotty is still a Scot (played by and Englishman)

Shock horror!!!…. why is Scotty not played by an actual Scot!!?

So far, this is the only down side to any reviews I’ve seen and I am really sad that there are people out there that are actually campaigning to stop so called ‘Whitewashing in hollywood’
When the world gets rid of this attitude to colour and everyone is seen in the same way we will finally be able to call ourselves ‘evolved’
Sadly, I think that day is still a long way off!

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  1. I agree with you. It’s funny that the only racists are the one’s who claim they’re against racism. Racism won’t go away until people like the above stop acting like race is real.

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