General diary entries


Apart from a quick trip to the hospital for a follow up appointment with Dharma I have wasted the day sorting out the music on my computer.
It’s amazing how many duplicates you can obtain of various favourite tracks over the years.
I cleared just over 8GB of space just by removing duplicates and crap.

Anyway, I digress.
I have literally just finished and before I turn in for the night I decided to catch up on a few things.
One of those things was my Tumblr dash.
I am so glad I did because I discovered this little beauty.
The first trailer for ‘Almost Human’ the TV Series Karl Urban is doing for Fox Broadcasting.

It looks amazing!!

And you thought I was excited about Star Trek!!

Think again!!

Karl Urban on my screen every week.
I’m hyperventilating.
Oh! I think my ovaries have just exploded.

To top it off, I’m going to see Star Trek again tomorrow with my brother.
I can now go to bed mega happy.

Night Y’all

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