Dish of the Weeks


It’s happened.
I’ve been sucked in by those baby blues.
It took a little while to warm to him but dish of the week number 44 is Chris Pine.

He does an incredible job playing Kirk in the new Star Trek movies.
He’s young.
He’s flirty.
He’s handsome.
He’s cheeky.
He can be serious.
He’s good in a fight and you really want him on your side.
let’s face it, he’s a better actor than Shatner!! (but you didn’t hear that from me!)

Chris Pine 04

He has amazing blue eye’s and a very mischievous smile.

Chris Pine 02

He is what I would call classically handsome.
Very square jawed.

Chris Pine 01

He is currently sporting a full beard which I personally think really suits him.
I have no idea if it’s for a film role or simply a new look for him personally but it looks good.

Chris Pine 03

I actually think he looks a bit Brad Pit ish.

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