General diary entries


My new piano arrived today.
I haven’t had a piano for over 10 years now.
My last piano was a Yamaha Clavinova but they are stupid money brand new and going for stupid money second hand on Ebay.
I stumbled across a website selling digital pianos that weren’t big brand names and they also show you the pianos on YouTube and I was quite impressed.
With help from my Dad I bought one and I am very happy with it.
It has a solid wood casing and legs and is very sturdy.
What’s more it sounds great and has 599 different voices to choose from.


With a bit of practice I should be back up to speed but I actually surprised myself when I started playing.
I wasn’t as rusty as I thought I’d be.
However, what was surprising was Murron!
She has a keyboard that she tinkers around on and has taught herself to play various songs.
I was actually blown away when she just knocked out ‘Someone Like You by Adele’ from start to finish!
I think this piano is going to be a great investment.

To top my incredible day off, my brother popped round earlier to show off his new bike to Murron and we got chatting.
Mid conversation we got talking about the new Star Trek movie and he said that he was going to see it on his own sometime next week.


I’m going to go again and see it with him…. Just to keep him company of course!

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