General diary entries


I’m sitting here having my morning cup of milky coffee.
All the kids have gone off to school mega excited about seeing Star Trek later today.
I however am feeling a little like this…..


2 hours!!!
Just 2 hours before I am sitting in the cinema with Ian watching Star Trek Into Darkness.

I am ridiculously excited about seeing this one.
I can’t remember the last time I got caught up in the hype of a film so much, I don’t think I ever have!!
I know I got excited about Dredd but nothing to this extent!

News on the internet is not helping.
Apparently ‘Human’ the pilot movie Karl Urban is starring in for ‘Fox’ has been picked up for a full season in the Fall!!
OMG, that means Karl Urban on my TV every week for up to 24 episodes.
I don’t know how many episodes it has been given yet but I’m seriously hoping it’s around the 20+ mark.

Right, better go and get dressed. (No, not into a Starfleet Uniform!! those days are long gone)

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