General diary entries


Bank holiday Monday and I was abandoned!

Mum and Dad went out for the day.
Murron disappeared with her mates for the day.
Dharma went to play with Maia after taking her home after she stayed over last night.
Ian buggered off up to York to spend the evening having a meal and a drink and a stay in a hotel on the company before another business meeting tomorrow. He won’t be back until Wednesday.
Majorie spent the day keeping herself to herself in her bedroom. She’s had a rough weekend but is feeling much better today.

So, I have been stuck in the house.
No-one to take me anywhere to enjoy the weather.
I ended up dozing on the sofa.

Unfortunately, Dharma and Murron are now back.
They are watching Elementary with me and they are getting very irritating.!!

I can’t win.

Categories: General diary entries

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