General diary entries


I had a letter this morning telling me that my follow up appointment to get my cast removed has been pushed back a few days to the 16th May!
I just want to get this thing off now and get back to normality.

OH well, the rest of the day has been pretty mundane so far.
The downstairs toilet was fixed by the plumber after it became very wobbly and decidedly dodgy to sit on.
I took a few small parcels to the post office for Ian.
I died my hair! No more grey. I feel about ten years younger.

I am now going to sit and watch escape to the country and get very jealous about a middle aged couple with a horrendous budget of around £800,000!!

Then I’m going to get dinner ready.
We are going to see Iron Man 3 tonight with the kids and if Ian gets away from his meeting early enough we will eat before we go or will have to wait until we get back later tonight.

Right, going to go and get a bit pig sick about dream country properties.

Categories: General diary entries

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