General diary entries


I have just seen a released clip from Star Trek Into Darkness….

After my ‘Star Trek Into Darkness, A Personal Theory’ blog back in December where I speculated about the villain and stated……

‘We know he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch and we have been told it is a man called ‘John Harrison’
Do I believe that?……. actually….. NO I DON’T!

For months it was speculated that his character was Khan but this is early days for the crew and they are yet to find the cryo ship carrying Khan and his minions and therefore he hasn’t been abandoned for X amount of years on a desolate planet building up a pure hatred and thirst for vengeance against James T Kirk. So it is actually ‘not logical’ for it to be Khan.’

I’m now not so sure that it ‘isn’t Khan!!!

At the end of the clip ‘Harrison’ says…….
23 17 46 11   co-ordinates not far from earth. If you want to know why I did what I did, go and take a look.
‘Kirk’ says…..
Give me one good reason why I should listen to you.
and then ‘Harrison’ says…. and this is the crucial line…..
I can give you 72, and they’re on board your ship…. Captain… they have been all along!

‘Harrison’ is obviously out for revenge for some reason, only instead of it being directed at Kirk it’s directed at Starfleet.
He has ‘minions’ that have been strategically placed on board the Enterprise! or that’s what it sounds like from the clip.
I will swallow every word I said before and say that, despite what I said, it ‘could’ actually be ‘Khan’

This is so frustrating!!
It is so tempting to go and read some reviews after the recent premiere’s in Sydney, Moscow and Berlin.
There are spoilers out there, I’m sure of it but apart from the official trailers and clips, I don’t actually want to know any more.
London is having it’s premiere on Thurs! If I wasn’t in this damned cast, I’d be there myself.

Oh well, only 9 days left until I find out for definite!

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