Film Reviews


We went to the cinema today to see the new Tom Cruise film ‘Oblivion’
It was really good.
Very slick and although heavily reliant on special effects it didn’t feel at all like it was heavily reliant on special effects.
Next to the Mission Impossible movies I would have to say it’s one of Tom’s best films since Top Gun.

We came home and me, Marji and Murron have just watched ‘Mirror, Mirror’ with Julia Roberts.
Can’t make my mind up about this one.
I wasn’t expecting it to be so slap stick.
It had it’s funny moments but overall I felt like they were trying too hard for laughs.

Time to settle down and do a bit of channel hopping.
I have the house to myself tomorrow.
Think I had better get Mick’s book finished.

Oh yes, while we were at the cinema we picked up our pre-paid tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness!!
BOTH SHOWINGS!!! 9th May, 11am and 17:20pm – Just call me obsessed.

Whatever, it’s only 15 days away!!

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