General diary entries


Today I stayed away from trawling the internet because I decided to watch Broadchurch and see what all the fuss was about.


What a brilliant piece of TV.
Riveting the whole way through.
I was close with my assumptions as to ‘who dunnit’ but not quite close enough.
What a shocker to finally find out who had done it and exactly why they’d done it.

Anyway, that was a pretty good waste of a day.

I’m going to have fun trawling tomorrow.
It was the world premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in Australia this evening.
Having a quick look on Tumblr, there have been some nice images cropping up already.
One image I’ve noticed is a McCoy poster!
Up until now we’d only had Kirk, Spock and Uhura.
There had been a serious lack of anything McCoy in both posters and trailers but looking at one of the building sized posters in Sydney it was ‘all’ about McCoy.
I’ve seen someone quote that ‘McCoy has a pinnacle role in this movie’
I so hope they’re right!

Anyway, I’m not trawling tonight.
Too tired.
Going to do a bit of channel hopping before bed.

Night y’all

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