General diary entries


It’s been a lovely weekend weather wise.
Unfortunately it’s not that easy for me to enjoy it very much at the moment.
Even though I’m pretty mobile, because I have no flex in my ankle, walking is pretty laboured and I soon develop a very achy back!
So I’m stuck indoors.
But even that has been a bit of a bore this weekend because our Virgin service is playing up.

It started about a week ago. Nothing major. The picture would break up occasionally and the sound would jump but it would right itself quickly and it wasn’t really a problem.
However, on Saturday it was getting so bad that the TV was unwatchable and today we totally lost the TV for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
We know it’s not the TIVO box because it was doing the same on the V-plus and the 2 basic boxes we have upstairs.
We also noticed the internet was being a bit flaky and after doing a speed test we found we were getting less than 10MB and we pay for up to 120!!

Anyway, we told all this to customer services pointing out that it must be on the line coming into the house because it’s happening on three different boxes and the internet but they insisted that we do the usual re-boot on everything, which we had already done a dozen times. They finally conceded that we need an engineer out to check out the problem and we should be seeing him tomorrow.
Now having told them the problem, if this engineer now finds a fault on the incoming line that he cannot fix there and then, I’m going to kill him! and Ian’s at work so he can’t stop me.

So today has been pretty boring!!
I have managed to edit another chapter in Mick’s book though so not a total wipe out.

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