General diary entries


I am getting the hang of this walking cast.
I can actually walk around the house without crutches although I still need them to get up and down the stairs.
I can now do pretty much anything for myself but after yesterdays little marathon I have noticed that having one leg longer than the other (because of the cast and the boot) and having no flex at the ankle makes walking pretty tricky and really puts a lot of pressure on your left hip and lower back!
I also found that because you have to stand with all the weight on your good foot, it gets really crampy.
I’ll still need at least one crutch for stability when I go out and I can’t walk very fast but at least I’m free!

Anyway, back to today.
Dharma stayed around Nan’s last night so I haven’t had her disturbing me this morning.
She’s actually not going back to school until Wednesday because she has a DMSA scan at the hospital tomorrow to check her kidney function.
Murron and Marjorie are doing what teens do best, they’re having a lay in.
I would say it’s their last one but Tuesday is a late start at school so they get a little one tomorrow as well.
Ian is at work.

It’s very quiet.
Think I may just have to break the silence with a very noisy film!!
Dredd should do the trick!

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