General diary entries


I just answered the phone and got an automated message telling me to listen carefully.
Now occasionally I get this kind of message from one of the kids schools so I listened.
The message went on as follows……..
‘Due to recent legislation, people with debts of over £10,000……..’  and that’s where I hung up!

I was incredulous!
It was obviously someone trying to get me to reclaim PPI or help me with my debt or something similar.
The fact that I don’t have any debt and it was an automated call and not an actual person just made it all the more unbelievable.
Did they honestly think I was just going to sit and listen to a machine?

Anyway, now I’ve calmed down and had chance to think about things, I’m actually getting a bit excited.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be the end of my self imposed house arrest.
I have my post op follow up in the afternoon and I will be getting the stitches taken out (which have started to itch!!!) and then I’ll be (hopefully) getting a walking cast on.
It should make getting up and down stairs a bit easier so I can actually get downstairs to my own domain again.
I’m hoping I will be able to do silly things like go to Tescos occasionally with Ian. Oh the excitement!!
I’m seriously hoping this will be the case because I want to go to the cinema at the end of the month to see Iron Man 3!

So! Just one more day to mooch around upstairs.
I watched Godfather 1 and 2 yesterday so I think I will finish it off with Godfather 3 today.
An amazing trilogy of films. It’s been a long time since I last watched them and I’ve really enjoyed them again.

I’ll do some more work on Mick’s book which is going better than I thought it would.
I’m enjoying it more the second time around and I think having to edit it at the same time is making the difference.

Oh yes, because I haven’t posted it for a while……


Yes!! less than a month.

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