General diary entries


I have always been a bit ‘arty’
I’m not great. I’ll never be able to make a living out of it but I do enjoy it.
In fact I will be putting pencil to paper again over the next few weeks.
However,  over the last 15 years I have experimented with ‘computer’ art.

I actually sold this art at conventions and collector fairs for a while and then when I had the kids I ended up selling on Ebay.
Unfortunately I got ‘jumped’ on by the BBC for selling ‘Dr Who’ artwork and that kind of put paid to it and I went back out to work.
To say I was a bit peeved by this is an understatement because I never made a living from it.
It just allowed us to continue being able to go to the conventions and fairs.

One thing I did find out when I started doing this kind of artwork is that it really is frowned upon by some people.
Just because I used a computer some people would say that it’s ‘not actually artwork’
I couldn’t disagree more.
I spent hours and days on these pieces. They are not simply photos that have been cut and pasted together. I actually work in extreme zoom to finish off every piece by smudging and working the colours so that when printed they look like paintings.

It’s been a good 5 years since I have done any of this artwork.
I am dying to update one of the sets I did but I have a problem.
The modern photoshop products are too good!
They clean up pictures too much and they end up just looking like photos which defeats the point of all the work.
The  package that I used  to use won’t run on Windows 8.
I need to get Ian to set me up an old laptop with Windows XP or something older.
The initial set up in Corel Draw is not a problem, it’s just the final working in zoom that is.
I don’t have an A3 printer now either.

Anyway, time to stop talking about it and actually show you some of it.

A3 Classic Crew

The first one is not a surprise is it?
This is the reason I want to be able to do some more.
This is part of a set I did that comprised of all the crews from all the shows.
Classic, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

A3 Next Gen Crew A3 DS9 Crew

A3 Voyager crew A4 Enterprise Crew
With the re-boot crew I am absolutely busting to do a mirror of the above image with the original crew’s new counterparts.
I’ve already started pasting one together in Corel Draw but until I get a working copy of Photstyler I won’t be able to finish it.

Anyway, here are a few more of my favourites.

A3 Johnny Depp Montage

A3 Elves

A3 Hobbits

Looking through all the work I used to sell I can honestly say that it’s all looking really dated and tired now!!
I don’t think I could go back to selling it.
Oh well, it was good fun while it lasted.

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