General diary entries


Bleh bleh bleh

I literally have nothing to blog about.
Sitting here, locked away from the world I have nothing to blog about.

Let’s see,
I played Candy Crush this morning..
I had a bath.
I’ve watched Shawn of the Dead – Brilliant! Can’t wait to see ‘The World’s End’
I’ve played Angry Birds Star Wars.
Now I have ‘The Mummy” on while I attempt to write this blog.

Oh yes, last night I finished my run through of the whole four seasons of ‘The Tudors’
What an incredible series that was. Absolutely stunning to watch and it’s firmly on my list of things I want to get on Bluray.
Such a shame they ended on the Death of Henry VIII.
The Tudors actually went on for over another 55 years with Edward, Mary and Elizabeth.
It would have been good to see it right through the Golden Age.

Sausage, egg and chips for tea… whoopie!
Yes, that was a sarcastic whoopie.

To be honest, the days aren’t dragging like I thought they would.
I actually can’t believe it’s 16:45 already today.
It’s amazing how much time you can waste on the internet and games when you don’t really think about it.

So it would seem I actually did have something to blog about. Even if it wasn’t that interesting.

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