Month: April 2013


I have just seen a released clip from Star Trek Into Darkness….

After my ‘Star Trek Into Darkness, A Personal Theory’ blog back in December where I speculated about the villain and stated……

‘We know he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch and we have been told it is a man called ‘John Harrison’
Do I believe that?……. actually….. NO I DON’T!

For months it was speculated that his character was Khan but this is early days for the crew and they are yet to find the cryo ship carrying Khan and his minions and therefore he hasn’t been abandoned for X amount of years on a desolate planet building up a pure hatred and thirst for vengeance against James T Kirk. So it is actually ‘not logical’ for it to be Khan.’

I’m now not so sure that it ‘isn’t Khan!!!

At the end of the clip ‘Harrison’ says…….
23 17 46 11   co-ordinates not far from earth. If you want to know why I did what I did, go and take a look.
‘Kirk’ says…..
Give me one good reason why I should listen to you.
and then ‘Harrison’ says…. and this is the crucial line…..
I can give you 72, and they’re on board your ship…. Captain… they have been all along!

‘Harrison’ is obviously out for revenge for some reason, only instead of it being directed at Kirk it’s directed at Starfleet.
He has ‘minions’ that have been strategically placed on board the Enterprise! or that’s what it sounds like from the clip.
I will swallow every word I said before and say that, despite what I said, it ‘could’ actually be ‘Khan’

This is so frustrating!!
It is so tempting to go and read some reviews after the recent premiere’s in Sydney, Moscow and Berlin.
There are spoilers out there, I’m sure of it but apart from the official trailers and clips, I don’t actually want to know any more.
London is having it’s premiere on Thurs! If I wasn’t in this damned cast, I’d be there myself.

Oh well, only 9 days left until I find out for definite!


Had a pretty normal but boring day again today.
I sorted out Ian’s wardrobe to clear out all his old shrunken and worn out T-shirts.
Had to make room for some nice new ones.
I gutted our bedroom at the same time and changed the bedding.
I dread to think what it looks like now Ian’s been sitting in it for a couple of hours!!

Murron actually tidied her room up the other day… sort of… so today I went in and tweaked it by actually using a duster and hoover.

The washing machine and tumble dryer are now on their fourth loads.

I tidied, dusted and hoovered downstairs.

I actually went for a proper walk this afternoon.
I needed to get out and get some air so I put my cast boot on, grabbed a crutch and off I went.
Only went around the block but it was really good.
Only another 2 weeks before the cast is off so I ‘should’ be able to get some serious walking done.

Tomorrow I plan to chill a little.
I think I’m going to familiarise myself with WII fit again and start some gentle exercising in preparation for the hard work to come.
I want to drop at least 5 dress sizes before Cousin David’s Wedding next February.
6 would be better and 7 would be a miracle!!

I have had time for some ‘Tumbling’ today.
I found a couple of cracking candid photos of Karl on the Star Trek Into Darkness press tour.
Looks like he’s having way too much fun!!

Too much fun 01

Too much fun 02

Can’t say I blame him though.
I’d do the same in his position.
He’s so busy with filming and promotional work at the moment, he’s letting off steam when he can.

Speaking of Star Trek
Only 10 days until we go Into Darkness!!


I switched on the TV this morning and ended up on the channel ‘E’
I was just casually listening to E-News (i.e celebrity gossip) while making dinner and tidying up.
I have just left that channel running and the following two programmes have been ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

Are these people for real?
How scripted does this show actually sound?
How shallow and self obsessed are these people?

In the first programme someone was wittering on about working so hard and not having time for anything and yet all I saw them do the entire episode was party and travel and shop!
Would they actually know what a days hard work actually was?
Come to think of it, what work do they do?

It made me feel quite sick.


Ok, so I’ve decided that tomorrow I start to adapt to dieting.
I’m not going to stress over it.
I know where I go wrong.
Too much beer.
Too many bags of crisps and snacks.
Too many cups of milky coffee.
Not enough exercise.
When it comes to my actual meals, they are pretty balanced and healthy.
My thought is that if I cut down the first three and increase my exercise and maybe just adjust my meal portions a bit then I should start to lose weight.
I did it before and lost about three stone in three months!
That’s a bit drastic but it would be nice to do it again.
I lost my motivation quite quickly that time but now I have a goal.
My cousin is getting married in Feb next year and I am determined to give my girls a run for their money.

I only have another 2 weeks until my plaster comes off.
I don’t know how quickly I will be back at work after that as I have no idea if physio will be required at all.
I’m not sure it’s going to be too much though. I have pretty good wriggle room in my plaster and there’s no pain at all.
Until I get full movement back in my ankle though I won’t know for sure.
I do know that I can’t wait to get back to walking around the marina again.

So, today as a last treat I’m being very naughty.
I’m making a bacon and onion roll.
I haven’t made one since having the kids!!
I’ve just finished making it and it is now steaming nicely and should be just about right by 6 o-clock tonight!
Will have to make the most of it because I won’t be making suet puddings again for a while.

Anyway, this afternoon we have to make a trip out to get Marjorie some black trainers.
Her foot hurts so much now that she can’t wear regular shoes so until the problem is sorted she will be wearing trainers to school whether they like it or not.

So, as it’s gone midday, I suppose I had better get dressed.


This will be short and sweet.
I just don’t want to miss a post but I’m not in the mood to really write anything.

Had a pretty mediocre day.
Did a big shop for the week.
Marjorie went down to Stanmore with Ian for an MRI.
Dharma went to a party where she met the dance troop ‘Kazum’. She was very excited when she got home.
Murron spent the day out with her mates.
We all watched Britains Got Talent and we are finishing the evening with ‘Avengers Assemble’.

Think I have just been talked into taking the girls to see Iron Man 3 on Weds. Not that I’m complaining about it.

That’s it.
Except to say…
12 days until Star Trek Into Darkness!!


It was payday today for both me and Ian.
Not that it lasted long!
Happy to report that all necessary bills have been paid, all the months direct debits are accounted for and various savings pots for future bills have had their allocation.
Not much to spare but we have survived another month!

I spent the afternoon making a menu and shopping list for the next 7 days.
Ian is working 9-5 Monday to Friday and he’s not going to want to do shopping when he gets home so we’re doing it all tomorrow.
I can quite happily nip over the road for bread and milk as we need it.

We had a phone call today from Stanmore who wanted to make an appointment for Marjorie’s requested MRI.
Believe it or not, Ian will be taking Marjorie down to Stanmore for an 18:30 appointment tomorrow!!

Now I’m having a little issue.
I want to settle down early and watch a movie but I can’t decide what I’m in the mood for.
I feel another Star Trek showing may be on the books as I can’t get it off my mind at the moment.
Less than two weeks to go for the new movie and I literally can’t wait.
Or I could go for something a little more retro like Tron!
Yeah, then I can follow it with Tron Legacy.

Sounds like a plan.