General diary entries


JJ Abrams loves to ‘play’ with the fans.
He never gives out too much information, is fiercely protective about script and film leaks onto the internet and drip feeds us just enough to keep us eagerly awaiting the arrival of a film for months and keep us guessing and debating at every turn!

Earlier this morning I posted the link to the new International Trailer.
Take another quick look.

Did you spot it?
No, I didn’t either until it was pointed out to me by my Tumblr friends who have been frantically capping and Giffing images. (Thanks Guys!!)

If you watch closely, at 1:36, the scene with Carol Marcus in her underwear, if you freeze the frame, towards the top of the open door behind her is a sign.
On this sign is written
Follow this link on the internet and you will be rewarded with a beautiful new High Res poster for the UK release of the film on the 9th May!
No Bones but still a nice image.

Just 49 days and counting!!

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