Dish of the Weeks


It has just come to my attention that I haven’t posted a Dish of the Week since the end of January!!
This must be rectified but I have a dilemma.
There has been a serious lack of hotness around just lately…..
Either that or my mind is in conflict between two current hotties.

Having said that I’ve just thought of another one!!! I’ll save him for later.

Anyway, these two current hotties have made it to my Dish of the Weeks on three occasions each.
One I have been drooling over for the last 5+ years and the other I have only been lusting over for the last 6 months even though I have known of him for the last 10 years!!

So todays Dish of the Week is going to be a ? vs ?
Who are they? I hear you cry. Even though you’ve probably already guessed if you read my blog regularly.

Karl Urban and Henry Cavill

Karl and Henry 01

Let’s see…..
Karl is 6’1″
He is 40 years old.
He has a deep commanding voice and an intense stare.
He is happily married with two young sons. One of whom is called Indiana because Karl is geeky enough to name his son after one of his favourite film characters. Indiana Jones.
He has been a 2000 AD fan since his teens and relished playing Judge Dredd.
He chooses films that he will enjoy filming rather than looking for the next Oscar winner.
He has more than successfully stepped into the shoes of Deforrest Kelly as Dr Bones McCoy in the new Star Trek re-boot. A film that has it’s sequel due out in 59 days here in the UK.
It has today been reported that there are already talks for a third movie in 2016 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Star Trek.
I love him ‘because’ he is a geek! and he’s very pretty to look at.

Henry is also 6’1″
He is a baby at just 29 years old.
He has a strong defined jawline and beautiful eyes.
He proved himself in The Tudors and then landed the dream role of Superman in the Man of Steel reboot due for release in 94 days.
He is the first Brit to take on the role and it is probably that strong jawline and of course the incredible bod that has landed him the role.
He missed out on the role of Edward Cullen because at the time the film went into production he was too old and he missed out on the role of James Bond because he was deemed too young!!
Never mind, he’ll be just right when the role comes round again and I think he would be a perfect James Bond.
As with the new Star Trek movie, Man of Steel is also in talks for a sequel even though the re-boot has yet to prove itself.
All the hype and press release info and pre-screenings have been very successful and positive and the film studio is getting very excited…. as am I!!

So, what do you think?


Karl and Henry 02

or Henry?

Karl and Henry 03

Dr McCoy

Dr McCoy

or Superman?


I love them both.
I love their work.
I love their current characters.
But I think, due to my own age, I am swinging more towards Karl.
He’s a keeper.
Henry is easy on the eye and has an incredible bod and I sincerely hope he gets another crack at James Bond but my fondness for Karl and his personality and love of fun is winning my heart.

What do you think?

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