Dishette of the Weeks


OK, I said a long time ago that because I was doing Dish of the Week and because I have a fascination with faces, I should really think about doing a Dishette of the Week.
Well as I am coming up to a few months of needing something to do I thought I’d make a start.

Dishette of the week number one is a really easy one for me.
Sophie Marceau.

I’ve only ever seen her in two films but she completely blew me away in both of them.
The bonus is that she’s actually 3 years older than me!
Come to think about it, that isn’t such a bonus because she looks incredible in her mid 40’s

The first film I saw her in was ‘Braveheart’.
She played Princess Isabelle.
She was elegant and feisty and completely beautiful.

Sophie Marceau 03 Sophie Marceau 02

The second film was ‘The World Is Not Enough’
Yes, she was a bond girl.
She played Elektra King. The kidnapped oil heiress rescued by Bond only to turn out to be the love interest of the Bond Villain.
Sophie Marceau 04

Sophie Marceau 05
She is a naturally beautiful woman and I would kill to look like her.
So, I have three years to lose the weight, win the lottery and pay for lots of plastic surgery.
Sophie Marceau 06

So there you have it, my first Dishette of the Week.

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